About Us



We are a Venice-based brand with a clear goal: crafting sustainable clothing that combines the comfort of pajamas with an elegant touch.

We reimagine Italian style and craftsmanship in an ecologically conscious way. We bring from Venice to the rest of the world high-quality garments made with innovative fabrics and colors derived 100% from natural elements, because we prioritise caring for both the skin and the planet.

Alessandra Defranza / Stylist & CEO


Our main mission is to select and research 100% natural innovative fibers, such as seacell, and colors that are beneficial for not only your skin but also the environment. 


Our garments are unique, meticulously crafted, and handmade according to the ancient Venetian tradition. If you are looking for sustainability, style and comfort, Tabinotabi is the perfect choice for you!


Sustainability is no longer an option but a duty for all of us today. Behind every Tabinotabi creation, there are months of commitment in researching fabrics and innovative methods that have no environmental impact and are not harmful to human health, without compromising on style.


We believe that sustainability means harmony with nature, and that's why each of our garments is created slowly, with incredible attention to detail and in low production volumes. Our collection aims to be durable and timeless, able to adapt to size changes and passing trends.


We don't like the concept of today's "fast fashion" with its poor-quality garments, questionable production practices, and mindless consumption. We want to do things differently.Our aim is to educate people to buy less and use more.


Tabinotabi is a story that begins with the strength and creativity of Alessandra Defranza, a passionate soul in search of authentic beauty. She was looking for clothes that reflected her romantic personality and were gentle on the skin and the environment. Not finding anything satisfying, she decided to create it herself.


In 2019, Ofelia was born: a floor-length dress made from seaweed and eucalyptus. It is comfortable, delicate, and perfect for the night but could easily become your favorite daytime look.


Since then, our team of Venetian designers and artisans put their talent into creating unique handmade garments using innovative and natural materials. Each Tabinotabi piece is like a caress on the skin, making us feel free and comfortable in our own bodies.


We are proud to be Italian and to carefully produce each piece in our country. All Tabinotabi garments are designed to be worn, experienced, and passed down through generations.


An Innovative Approach To Tradition

Venetian craftsmanship is renowned for its quality and attention to detail. At Tabinotabi, we strive to preserve tradition while innovating, blending ancient methods with futuristic materials. Collaborating with local artisans and designers, we create garments that encapsulate the essence of Venice— a unique city, delicate yet resilient. Our innovative approach to design and production results in beautiful, functional, and sustainable clothing.




Empower Nature And Let Nature Empower You

Our product line features sustainable clothing made from ecological and innovative materials derived from plants, minerals, and yes, even algae! All our fabrics are not only designed to be non-harmful to human health but also to provide benefits. We embrace the idea that our garments can deliver vitamins and active ingredients from our natural fibers to the body and skin. That's why all our pieces are thoughtfully designed for comfort and durability, meant to be worn frequently and for a long time.

The collections encompass a variety of designs, ranging from slips and babydolls to shirts and robes. Tabinotabi's key strength lies in its versatility— each piece is suitable for any season and can be styled in multiple ways,

whether for day or night, at home or for an outing, allowing you to save both time and money!
Most of our models come in butter-white color, which means they are naturally unbleached and derived directly from algae and eucalyptus fibers. By choosing Tabinotabi, you not only support sustainable fashion but also invest in high-quality garments that benefit both you and the planet!


Research and Innovation

At Tabinotabi, we strongly believe in research and innovation. We fearlessly explore, renew, and grow. That's why we daily invest time and resources to experiment with new raw materials, dyes, and manufacturing techniques. Our garments are crafted from eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, safe fabrics made from natural elements such as mint, bamboo, hemp, lenpur, and banana. Occasionally, we enjoy mixing these ingredients to create new, incredible fabrics.


All our fabrics and colours are certified.


Tabinotabi Fabric: Seacell

Today, we are incredibly proud to be among the few in the world to have created a new patented and certified eco-friendly fabric made from algae: Seacell.

In the Icelandic fjords, we find a microenvironment rich in vitamins, minerals, and trace elements that allow the brown seaweed to flourish with nourishing properties. Through our innovative extraction method, we only harvest the top portion of the seaweed, which regenerates naturally, respecting the marine ecosystem.


After undergoing a natural drying process, the seaweed is finely minced, and the resulting powder becomes the base for a "paste" that integrates with a natural cellulose fiber, providing strength to the fabric. The entire production cycle operates in a closed-loop system, without the release of polluting chemical waste, to minimize environmental impact. The result is a soft, silky-looking fabric that is lightweight, breathable, yet resilient and durable.


To dye our clothes, we use natural plant pigments extracted from spices like turmeric and coffee, as well as vegetables and fruits.

In coloring our t-shirt line, we have experimented with indigo, madder, and campeche, and we are currently testing wine-based dyes in collaboration with a local dyer.

All the pigments are processed with water and undergo no chemical treatments. Thanks to our production processes, all Tabinotabi garments are enriched with incredible vitamins and minerals, possessing anti- inflammatory and antibacterial properties. They promote hydration, thermoregulation, and prevent aging.


We invite you to explore our product line and join us in supporting sustainable fashion. By choosing Tabinotabi, you commit to preserving your own health and the health of our planet, while also helping to prevent the precious craftsmanship of Venice from the effects of globalization.


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